Nutri-Cloud Free and reduced applications in the cloud

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Nutri-Cloud is a one-stop modular solution for managing your Free & Reduced application workflow.  Quick and easy to use, with very little user interactions. Online applications are automatically loaded, no downloading required. Automate Meal Applications via the Cloud. No more installing locally, no backups required, unlimited users instantly, Built-in State Auditor reviews, and much more.

Application Scanning Fast and Accurate

The most capable Free & Reduced application scanning system on the market, eliminates the tedious process of hand keying applications. Nutri-Scan stores all data digitally, making filing, validating, sorting and retrieval a breeze for district staff and state auditors.

Online Free and Reduced Eligibility Status

Nutri-Status is the no-wait, no-waste solution for parents to check student eligibility status and print letters; anytime, from anywhere there is an internet connection! This online notification system is simple, and saves your district staff time, paper, and postage.

Automated Matching of DC Students

Nutri-Match automates matching of eligible students with your State-Provided Direct Certification list without an exact match! Find DC’s previously not possible through manual look up and matching, including siblings. transfers, and kindergartners.

Online Registration for CEP Participation

Has your district implemented the new Community Eligibility Program (CEP)? If so, Nutri-Form will make filing of necessary income information for families fast and simple! This is the easiest way to increase Federal revenues for your district nutrition program, and save your staff a lot of work.

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