Don’t begin another year fighting to survive the surge.

You dread it, the relentless surge of free and reduced applications, the tedious processing and compliance challenges; all in addition to daily management of school nutrition and food service operations for your district. Nutri-Link can help! We offer affordable, flexible software solutions designed to be simple to implement and easy for everyone to use.

Save time, save money,
and save your sanity.

For almost fifteen years, Nutri-Link Technologies has focused on advancing technology to improve school  nutrition programs, enable parent and student participation, and empower professionals like you. Our applications are used by progressive districts nationwide to automate processes, streamline work, and enhance the user experience for thousands of administrators and parents – in the office, at home, and on the go.

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The stakes are high

Reimbursements for nutritious free or reduced meals can be a huge financial opportunity for your district, but there’s more financial and regulatory complexity, plus parent and community expectations than ever before. Today’s school nutrition departments must leverage technology to maintain peak performance.

Public school lunch program

Public Schools

Lunch program technology
31 Million

Meals Daily

Free and reduced lunch program
62% | 8%

Free | Reduced

Lunch program cash payments
$11 Billion

Cash Payments

Nutri-Works Works for you

Nutri-Links’ integrated software solution, Nutri-Works can transform the way your school nutrition department operates; connecting people and automating processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Nutri-Works for you

Turns you into a hero.
Your district school nutrition and food service operation plays a critical role in the lives, health, and education of students. As the director or administrator, your decision to advance the program with automated technology will improve the lives of department staff and every family.

Empowers staff and parents.
Today’s world is digitally connected; government agencies, schools, vendors, students, and parents rely on technology to interact conveniently and efficiently. Our agile tools create alignment and enable everyone to accomplish tasks more easily.

Promotes a healthy community.
In many communities across the nation, their public schools are a crucial resource for child health and safety. By implementing the tools that provide easy access to nutritional meals, you create the vital link.

Relieves anxiety and recovers time.
The school nutrition staff is often under-resourced and over-burdened, with fluctuating workloads and labor needs that put stress on everyone. Our system solves these problems, saving you time and anxiety.

Optimizes performance and maximizes reimbursements.
While school districts share many common operational and financial challenges, each has unique situations and needs. Our team will help you choose the perfect solution to deliver peak performance; today and into the future.

Easy for IT staff to configure, implement, and support.
We designed our applications to be as easy for IT to support as they are for your staff and parents to use. We also provide expert support and managed services to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

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